How to post a gif on facebook

How to Post a GIF on Facebook

Even after fourteen years of activity, Facebook is still standing on the top lists of social media-centered websites and apps. In the beginning it was a simple website developed by five Harvard College students exclusive for their fellow colleagues, their idea is now known and used worldwide. It is understandable why the website took off so quickly and why is it so popular still. The platform provides plenty of different features made to ensure an easy to use way to communicate with those close to you. To communicate you can either send someone a private message, or you can post on your wall.

Over the years many more people were drawn close by its original interface, and interesting options. This way the Facebook community grew bigger and bigger, now taking over other communities, and showing more and more of its unique traits. If in the beginning people didn’t post on their walls that much, now the community focuses on posts, on how their profile is seen by others. The photos, the videos, the words posted are now carefully chosen to better fit one’s audience and the circulating trends. A fast-spreading trend is now the usage of GIFs to send the wanted message. An animated GIF is an image format which creates the illusion of a constantly changing image. This kind of format is becoming so popular thanks to the diversity of ways in which it can be used. They are pleasant to watch and they can radically change the aspect of the post.

The process of posting them on your wall is really easy. All you have to do is choose the Photo/Video option placed under the Compose Post section. This section is either placed in the up middle part of the Home page, or under the cover and avatar image on your profile page. After selecting this option, you can choose the GIF you want to post. You can also add a description to the post, and some other fun options provided by Facebook. You can find the other options by clicking the three dots button placed next to the “Feeling/Activity” button. To end the process, all you have to do is click the “Post” button.

How to Set a GIF Avatar on Facebook

GIFs are not used only for ordinary posts, they can also be used as avatars. To set a GIF avatar you will have to change your profile image. The process is simple and shouldn’t be challenging. Firstly you have to go to your profile page and place your mouse on the avatar image. The Update Profile Picture option will appear soon after that. By choosing it a series of new options will appear. To choose your wanted GIF you will have to select the Upload Photo option. After this step, you will only have to save the GIF as your avatar image. Unfortunately, even though Facebook lets you set a GIF, it will not be animated.

How to Make a GIF

You can find a large variety of premade GIFs online, but an original GIF can say much more about your message. The process of creating a GIF is not an easy one, but its complexity can be broken down in a few simple steps using Video GIF Creator, a Mac app which lets you convert any video or images into a creative GIF.

The app is really easy to use. Select your wanted videos or images and add them to the new GIF. You can either manually add any frames you want, or you can add frames automatically. You can also customize the number of frames and the interval between them. The app provides many different options with which you can edit your frames.

Generate your GIF and then save it by clicking the “Save GIF” button placed in the bottom right corner. After this, in a few seconds, your new GIF will be ready to be posted.