How to send a gif on whatsapp

How to Send a GIF on WhatsApp

Even after nine years of activity, WhatsApp is still one of the biggest messaging app, known and used worldwide without limitations. In August 2009 WhatsApp 2.0 is released for iPhone and by August next year, the app is added on Android as well. In 2014 the app is bought by Facebook, and by January 2016 the app becomes entirely free. Starting just as a simple voice calling app, over the years, WhatsApp grew to be the most used app which allows the sending of text messages, voice calls, video calls, images, videos, documents and user locations.

To use the app all you will need is a standard phone number with which you can message other users. Beside the common text message or voice call, WhatsApp lets you send images, videos, different documents, and even voice messages. However, a fun element to your conversation is always a witty GIF. They are funny, ingenious, great ice-breakers, and really easy to send. All you have to do is press the paper clip shaped button placed in the bottom section of your chat screen. After that, six different options will appear and you will have to choose the Gallery one. The app will open your phone gallery and this way you can choose your desired GIF. With the newest version of WhatsApp you can also send premade GIFs. All you have to do is press the smiley face button. After that, the emoji keyboard will appear and in the bottom section you will find two buttons: the emoji one and the GIF one. All the provided premade GIFs can be accessed by pressing the GIF button.

WhatsApp can also be used online on a pc by using the WhatsApp Web option. This option lets you access your WhatsApp account from any other device without problems. The process of accessing this feature is not too complicated. You will have to choose the WhatsApp Web option on your phone and at the same time visit web.whatsapp.com on the device you want to connect. You can also find these indications on the website together with a code which you will have to scan using your phone. You can use the feature right after capturing the code. WhatsApp Web mimics the interface of your phone app, with some small changes. For example, the list of your chats is placed in the left side next to the chat itself, this way you can see the other chats at any moment without leaving your current one. The process of sending GIFs, or any other file or document, is the same as on the phone app. The only difference is the placement of the paper clip shaped button, now it is placed in the top section of the chat. Other than that nothing is different.

On May 2016, WhatsApp was introduced as an app compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems. The app can be downloaded from the WhatsApp website, and it is similar to WhatsApp Web. The app has to be synced to your phone app which is the same process used to access the WhatsApp Web feature. To send GIFs or any other type of documents or files, you will have to follow the same steps needed when sending them from WhatsApp Web or the phone app. Even though both the desktop app and the WhatsApp Web feature let you send GIFs, they will not be animated. However, you can send premade GIFs by following the same process used when sanding premade GIFs from your phone app.

The GIFs provided by the app can be funny, and easy to access, but nothing compares with the originality given by a GIF made by your imagination. You can easily create personalized GIFs from videos or images on Mac by using Video GIF Creator. The app lets you select any video or image and convert it to a one of a kind GIF by following a small series of steps: Select your wanted video or images, add them to the GIF, customize the GIF, generate it, click the “Save GIF” button, and that is it.