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Mac users: Here Are the Top Cloud Gaming Services

The quality of games available for Macs is rising steadily, but you can get the finest games on macOS by using cloud gaming.

When discussing Macs, the phrase “gaming” has rarely been utilized. When compared to its rivals, Apple’s gaming progress has lagged far behind the competition.

The ultimate goal of cloud gaming is to make it possible to play high-powered PC and console games on any platform, everywhere, with minimal system requirements. It claims that you will never need to install a patch or upgrade. And the hope has been realized, making streaming video games possible.

However, the game has progressed to the point where you can sit down and begin enjoying without being weighed down by errors most of the time.

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming, Amazon’s Luna, and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now are the three primary cloud systems that are currently compatible with macOS. PlayStation Plus, the fourth major cloud platform, is presently accessible solely through a Windows software.

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You’ll need a controller to play games in the Xbox Cloud. Thankfully, it’s compatible with any Mac-compatible controller.

Xbox Cloud Gaming requires an Ultimate tier Game Pass subscription. Access all of Game Pass, including PC and Xbox console games, for just $15 per month with the Ultimate subscription.

A subscription to Amazon Luna, their cloud gaming service, is available now. While Microsoft’s monthly charge covers its whole revolving catalog, Luna’s “Channels” can be purchased separately or as a bundle, each containing a different set of games.

It can be the most challenging to get up and running with Nvidia GeForce NOW, among the three services. In order to use GeForce NOW, you will need either the Chrome Web Browser or the NVIDIA GeForce NOW app, which also can be difficult to track down on the NVIDIA website.

In other words, GeForce NOW does not come with its own collection of games. Instead, NVIDIA’s service integrates with your preexisting Steam or Epic Games accounts to provide you access to your game collections. Cloud-compatible titles can be found on GeForce NOW’s supported service list.