Artistic Photo Editor for iOS


Give the photos on your iPhone/iPad/iPod an artistic touch with Photo Art FX before sharing them with your friends via Instagram or Facebook.


Photo Art FX lets you apply various artistic effects to your photos in order to make them stand out from the crowd. Effects like Sepia, Sketch, Cartoon or Oil Painting will definitely make your photos more noticeable.


After you create a new artistic photo you can save it to your Photos library, send it via Email or open it in any photo sharing application that you have on your device like Instagram or Facebook.


An important advantage of Photo Art FX is the fact that all the photo processing algorithms are done offline, without the need of an internet connection. So you can be sure that your photos will never be shared with 3rd parties.


Artistic Photo Effects:


– Black&White
– Sepia (make photo look old)
– Cartoon (make photo look like a cartoon)
– Sketch (make photo look like a charcoal sketch)
– Halftone (turn photo into a collection of black dots like in the newspaper)
– Polka Dot (turn photo into a collection of coloured dots)
– Pixelate
– Posterize
– Oil Painting (make photo look like an oil painting)
– Vignette (make photo darker around the corners)
– Glass Sphere (project photo on a glass sphere)
– Bulge
– Swirl

Photo Art FX
Create and share artistic photos
Import photo from Photos or Camera
Apply artistic effects to your photo
Save or share your artistic photo
Works on both iPhone and iPad
Nihal Shoman

The app is great and it has a lot of filters so you can enjoy editing pictures and have fun.

Nihal Shoman

Great app. Nice photo effects. Good one.


Cool photos! Fun way to edit photos on the go.