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Design iOS App Screenshots on macOS


Design the screenshots of your iOS apps with just a few clicks. Forget those times when you had to pay graphical designers serious money to create screenshots for your app. You can now do that yourself using Screenshot Creator and at just a fraction of the price.


Here is a list of what Screenshot Creator has to offer:


* 6 screenshot devices: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro
* 2 device colours: black and white
* 2 device orientations: portrait and landscape
* Customize the background colour of your screenshots
* Customize the background gradient of your screenshots
* Select a custom image as the background of your screenshots
* Modify the size of the background image
* Modify the position of the background image
* Apply a blur effect on the background image
* Add a text description to your screenshots
* Customize the colour of your text
* Modify the vertical offset of your text for a more accurate positioning
* Customize the font of your text by choosing one of the 20 available handpicked fonts
* Add stroke to your text to make it more visible
* Customize the colour of the stroke outline
* Modify the size of the stroke outline
* Add shadow to your text to make it more visible
* Customize the colour of the text shadow
* Modify the offset and angle of the text shadow
* Modify the blur of the text shadow
* Export your screenshots in either PNG or JPG format


So purchase Screenshot Creator today and you will never need someone else to design your screenshots.

Screenshot Creator
Design screenshots for your iOS apps
Modify the device type, color and orientation
Use a color, gradient or image as background
Add customized text to your screenshot
Export screenshot as PNG or JPG
Works on macOS 10.10 or later
Nick Nigel

Basically a good app that allows nice screenshots to be made.

Nick Nigel
Mr Anhle

I'm very impressed with the features of this app. It's a powerful app screenshot generator.

Mr Anhle

This is a simple app that helps you create nice iPhone and iPad screenshots.