Top mac apps you should have

Top Mac Apps You Should Have

If you are a macOS user then you probably know that using the right app for the right task can be something that makes the difference between failure and success. In this article we will talk about some of the most common tasks that a macOS user has to complete on a daily basis, like image editing, video editing, document processing, and the apps that are best suited for those tasks.

Best Mac App for Image Editing

If you are a photographer, you will probably need a reliable app that you can use to fine-tune you photos after you import them on your Mac. You may need to adjust their brightness, exposure, contrast or saturation, or you may need rotate, resize or convert some of them. The best macOS app for this kind of task is Image Plus, a powerful photo editor that help you adjust, rotate, resize and convert your photos with ease.

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Best Mac App for Applying Photo Overlays

If you are a graphics designer, then you will certainly need an app that can apply artistic overlays on photos in order to make them stand out. Of course you could use a complex app such as Photoshop for this kind of the task, but why spend hundreds of dollars and many hours of your precious time to figure out how to use such a complicated app when you can go for an app such as Photo Plus which is both affordable and easy to use?

Applying overlays on photos using Photo Plus is easy and straightforward and the app also provides a huge collection of artistic overlays and effects that can be combined in order to obtain some truly artistic results. Not to mention that this macOS app also allows you to adjust, resize and add a colored border to your photos.

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Best Mac App for Resizing Images

If you are a point and shoot photographer, then you will surely need an app that can batch resize all those photos that you take. The best app for this kind of job is ImageSize, a macOS application that lets you resize, convert and rename images in batch mode. ImageSize lets you resize your photos using either pixels or percents for more convenience and also provides three special resize modes: Fixed Width, Fixed Height and Fixed Width & Height.

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Best Mac App for Cropping Images

If you are the webmaster of a photography blog or website, then there will be times when you will have to crop certain images in order to fit perfectly with your template design. The best app for such a task is Image Crop, a macOS application that lets you crop, convert and rename images in batch mode. Image Crop gives you the possibility to define the crop area using either pixels or percents for more convenience and also offers the option to automatically crop your images to one of the following aspect ratios: 1:1, 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9.

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Best Mac App for Removing Duplicate Images

If you enjoy taking a lot of photos with your phone or digital camera, then your Mac is probably filled with a lot of images that are nearly identical. What you need in this case is an app that can remove all those similar photos that take up a huge amount of your hard drive space. The app that does this best is Image Cleaner, a macOS application that scans your hard drive for duplicate or similar image files and then lets you select the images that you want to keep and the ones that you want to remove in a very user-friendly manner. You can also select the folders that you want to scan, the degree of image similarity and you can also scan your Photos library.

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Best Mac App for Designing Icons and Logos

If you are an iOS or macOS app developer, you probably know that designing a cool app icon can be quite difficult. You need to hire a specialized graphics designer for this and, even then, the result may not be the one you desire. This is where Icon Plus, the best macOS app for designing icons and logos, comes in.

Icon Plus allows you to use your own images to create beautiful iOS and macOS app icons which you can then export as icon sets containing all the icon sizes required by Xcode. You can also combine text and images to create stunning logo designs which you can then export in any size you require.

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Best Mac App for Watermarking Videos

When posting videos online there is always the risk that someone may steal your work and present it as their own. Such risks can be easily eliminated if you watermark your videos before posting them online. The best macOS app for watermarking videos is Video Plus, which allows you to apply both an image and text watermark to your video for which you can customize settings like position, opacity, color, font and scale. You can also adjust, apply artistic effects, blur, scale or rotate your video before applying your desired watermark.

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Best Mac App for Merging, Splitting, Cropping and Watermarking PDF Documents

If you work with a lot of PDF documents on a daily basis, then there have certainly been times when you had to merge, split, crop or watermark one or even a whole batch of PDFs. There are a lot of apps out there that can do each of these task individually. But why purchase four apps when you can only purchase one? The best app that can do all these tasks is PDF Plus, a macOS application that can merge, split, crop and watermark PDF files in batch mode.

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