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Powerful PDF Procesor for Windows


3StepPDF is a powerful PDF processor that will help you create, merge, split, watermark and crop PDF documents. Easily extract text in different languages from scanned documents and save it as a new PDF document.


3StepPDF is a user-friendly software optimized for Windows 7, 8 and 10 that will help you fine tune your PDF documents in just three easy steps. For example if you want to watermark a set of PDF documents with your company’s logo 3StepPDF will do the job in just a few seconds. Just select the files you want to watermark, select the desired logo and 3StepPDF will do the rest.


In the same way you can crop, split and merge batches of PDF files. But that is not all that 3StepPDF can do. You can also create PDF Documents from scratch by combining text and images or by extracting text from a scanned document.


All in all, 3StepPDF is the best solution for fine-tuning your PDF files easy and fast and it should be a must-have for any company that works with a lot of PDF documents.

3StepPDF Lite
Create new PDF document
Extract text from images using OCR
Save extracted text as a new PDF
Split, Merge, Crop, Watermark PDF documents
Works on Windows 7, 8, 10
Personal use
Insert images when creating a new PDF
Document preview for OCR feature
Interval split PDF documents
Watermark only certain PDF page intervals
Crop only certain PDF page intervals
Personal & Commercial use

3StepPDF is a simple, lightweight, and efficient tool that allows you to create PDF files and perform different tasks with…

Dennis Nelson

3StepPDF is reliable and effective in performing the common tasks involving PDF files.

Dennis Nelson

Create PDF files or crop, split, merge or extract the text from your scanned documents with this intuitive and powerful…