Apple announced macOS Ventura

At its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple launched a new generation of macOS. MacOS Ventura introduces a new Stage Manager tool, as well as changes to Spotlight, Mail, and Safari, as well as other consistency improvements that bring the OS nearer to iOS. That isn’t the only change in the future for Mac users. Apple also […]

Apple Silicon processors

Apple said in 2020 that it would switch its whole Mac portfolio to Apple Silicon in two years. Later in the month, the M1 CPU and three computers were revealed, followed by a revamped iMac in 2021. Apple’s initial “System on a Chip” architecture for the Mac is featured in the M-series processors, which combine […]

Time Machine for macOS

When it relates to backing up your data, macOS offers a variety of alternatives, including preloaded programs and also third-party backup services. Data backup your computer is one of those boring jobs that gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list in favor of more important concerns. However, if your computer fails at an […]

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