How i batch resized all my wedding photos on my mac

How I Batch Resized all my Wedding Photos on my Mac

Probably one of the happiest moments of my life was my wedding. The day was perfect, both the venue and the ceremony were beautiful, everyone had a great time, and even the weather was lovely. We hired a professional photographer to capture our day and he did an amazing job.

I was so excited to be able to use them on my website, to tell everyone about our amazing wedding day. Unfortunately, when I tried to post them I realised they had the wrong size. I didn’t think of this as a big problem. I thought resizing the photos will be just a small delay in the process. I was wrong. I spent almost a day resizing every photo individually. After finishing almost ten images I realised I had to change this, so I started my search for an app which could batch resize all my wedding photos.

After trying many different apps I found ImageSize. This app was the only one to provide the features I needed. It changed everything. I finished resizing the two hundred images in less than ten minutes.

To add the images to the app I clicked the “Add Images” button placed in the top left side. When I was selecting the images I needed I also added some other photos by mistake, but I could easily remove them by using the “Remove Selected” option. I also noticed the “Remove All” button. I didn’t have to use it, but I think it’s a great solution when you select the wrong images by mistake.

How i batch resized all my wedding photos on my mac

After all my images were ready I started resizing them. The app provides two main sections: Resize and Output. The Resize section lets you customise the size of the images. The size I needed for the images was quite peculiar so I used the Free resize option, but the app also lets you resize the photos with a fixed width, a fixed height or both.

After that, I moved to the Output section where I changed the format and quality of the images, and I also chose a name and a folder where to place them. To finish the process I just clicked the “Resize Images” button and in a few seconds, everything was done.

Using ImageSize was probably the best choice I made regarding the resize of my wedding photos.