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64BitApps Mac Bundle

Edit, Resize, Crop, Convert and Watermark Photos, Videos and PDF Documents, Create Video Slideshows, Create Animated GIFs, Design Icons and Logos and that’s not all. The 64BitApps Bundle contains a very wide variety of Mac apps that will suit your every need.



Batch Mode Editing

Most of our apps allow you to edit assets like photos, videos and PDF files in batch mode.

Save Your Settings

All our apps allow you to save your settings as a User Profile for later use.

Video Tutorials

All apps include detailed video tutorials that will guide you in in the right direction.



All our apps use a simple and user-friendly design that is very easy to understand.

Mac App Store

All our Mac apps can also be purchased from the Mac App Store.

Good performance

All apps were designed using the latest frameworks and work flawlessly on any OS.


Customer reviews

"Icon Plus is a great little app that packs a lot of useful features for those looking to create their own icons."

Scottie Tomasson

Mac App Store User

PDF Plus is a solid app when it comes to merging PDF files. It can also split, crop and watermark PDFs fairly well."

Nichole Cage