Image cleaner – find and remove duplicate photos

How to Find & Delete Duplicate Images on Mac OS X

The latest advances in technology have made it possible for each of us to have a powerful digital camera in our pocket at any given time. This gives us the opportunity to take lots and lots of photos. But this ‘point and shoot’ style of taking photos will fill your hard drive with photos very fast. And the worst part is that most of those photos are useless and you will never end up using them, so they just lay around taking up valuable disk space.

Finding a solution for such an unpleasant situation is not straightforward because you cannot automatically remove photos without informing the user first and you also cannot ask the user to go through thousands of photos and choose the ones he wants to delete because that would be far too tedious. But if we look closer at the issue we realize that there are two cases in which the user might want to remove a set of photos from his hard drive. First of all, the user will definitely want to remove the duplicate photos, because, usually, there is not point in keeping the same photo in two different locations on your drive. The second case is related to the situation when the user has a lot of very similar photos but, of course, he only uses one of those photos and the others just end up laying around. It is safe to say that, in this scenario, the user will probably want to remove all the other similar photos and only keep the one useful to him.

As I’ve pointed out earlier, manually going through every photo on your hard drive in order to find the duplicate or similar ones can be an overwhelming task. This is where Image Cleaner comes in with its powerful similar image detection algorithm which will find all the duplicate or similar photos on your hard drive with a very high degree of accuracy. But finding the duplicate photos is just the first step of the process. Now you have to select the ones that you want to remove. Luckily for you, Image Cleaner makes this process very simple.

How do I delete duplicate photos on my Mac?

Once Image Cleaner has finished scanning your hard drive for similar image files, it will display a window with a list of images for which duplicates have been found. Selecting an image from the list will neatly display all the images similar to it as thumbnails so they can can easily be marked for deletion. Selection of the duplicate or similar images can be done either manually or automatically. After your selection is complete you just have to press the Clean button and all your duplicate and similar photos will be either moved to Trash or permanently removed from your hard drive, depending on your preference. But for a more detailed tutorial on how to find and delete duplicate images on Mac OS X please see the video below:

Powerful duplicate photo remover for macOS

If you are a passionate photographer and you like taking a lot of photos then you definitely need an app like Image Cleaner that can help you clean up your photo library and save a lot of valuable disk space. Its friendly user interface and powerful image scanning engine make this app an invaluable tool for anyone with a large image collection. So purchase Image Cleaner today for only $4.99 and you will never have to worry about duplicate photos again.