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Why you should buy a Mac?

There will always be a debate on “Which is better between Mac and Windows”, but here it depends on everyone’s tastes. Macs are said to be user-friendly, but if you’ve been a Windows fan for a long time, it will be a little harder to get used to the Mac.

The macOS operating system, formerly known as Mac OS X and later OS X, has been designed and further developed by tech giant Apple since 2001. In terms of operating systems, macOS is the second most used, after Windows.

macOS is the successor to the famous Macintosh operating system, which was launched in 1984.

Apple says that macOS lets you do things that are impossible on other operating systems, being developed especially for the hardware it has and vice versa.

A computer or laptop that uses macOS is designed with advanced technology, and your safety when it comes to internet browsing, data protection and running applications is put on the first place.

If you are thinking of changing your computer and you are not sure whether to choose a Windows PC or a Mac, we have prepared some reasons why you should try the Apple product.

Macs are a better “investment”

You may want a Windows for the first time because of the rather low price, but before you buy you need to consider several features in terms of cost.

For example, the value of a Mac decreases very hard compared to Windows, so if you take two products that had the same price two or even three years ago, you will see that the price of the Mac has not dropped much, and the value of the computer with Windows it will be very small.

User Experience

I usually sit at the computer 8 hours a day, and when it is part of your work environment you want it to be easy to use and beautiful.

As we are accustomed to, a Mac is a pleasant experience from the first seconds after purchase. Everything is easy to use, and the design is part of the superior category.

If you have an iPhone or any other Apple device, it will not be difficult to switch to the macOS operating system because the similarities between them are very common.

Mac privacy

Apple will always put user privacy first. When you store your information on a macOS, you’re the only one who can handle it at will.

Apple’s default browser, Safari, does not allow companies that collect your data to see which sites you visit.


The Mac operating system enjoys far fewer viruses, spyware or malware than Windows.

The Mac is designed with advanced technologies that protect your data and help you stay safe when you browse the internet. With the “Gatekeeper” app you can safely download and use applications both from the App Store and from the internet.

Quality of materials

When someone hears Mac, or Apple in general, the thought automatically jumps to QUALITY. Every time it comes to the material used, Apple knows how to make its customers happy.

Although Apple has received some complaints about the quality of Macs, the product remains top-class in this category.

You can install Windows on your Mac

It may sound strange, but yes: You can install Windows on your Mac, plus Apple offers a Bootcamp to help you install Windows easily.

This way you can install both Windows and macOS operating systems on the same device and use them at will.


Apple’s iCloud technology helps you keep your most important information secure and available on all your devices.

If you have an Apple device you automatically receive the iCloud functionality with 5GB of free storage, and if you want more you can opt for the iCloud+ version that comes with various premium features.

Variety of macOS applications

As you may have noticed from the words above, Apple knows how to make an operating system that dominates the market, but it is not perfect. Fortunately for Apple users, more and more programmers are focusing on developing special applications for macOS and thus improving the operating system.

Not many of the applications that fill macOS gaps are free, but they may have a free trial version that can convince you whether to buy the application or not.

Good customer support

Apple does not fail to “put the customer and their needs first.” Unlike Windows, the support team is always ready to help you with the smallest problems you may have with your Mac or operating system.

The latest version of macOS – Monterey

macOS is an operating system that constantly receives updates that can be very easy to install. The latest version of macOS is called 12.0 Monterey, and was released in October last year.

At least once a year, Apple updates the free operating system for all users. If you have a Mac you can download the latest update from the Mac App Store.

Unlike Windows, which with every update seems to make things more complicated, macOS manages to simplify everything and make everything as user-friendly as possible.

macos monterey

If we’ve gotten this far, I’d like to show you some of the disadvantages that a Mac device can have, which will make you think twice when you want to buy this computer.

The cost of buying a Mac is high

On average, a Mac is much more expensive than a computer with the same features but uses Windows as its OS, especially because of the design and quality it offers.

But if we go back to what I said above about the value of a Mac, you will realize that in the long run things are different.

Mac Gaming

Unfortunately, Apple does not want the Mac to be created for gaming, a chapter that is far behind Windows. Even the newest MacBook Pro models do not have the ability to run games.

Windows applications are not present on Mac

If you’ve always been a fan of Windows and are planning to try a Mac, you should understand that you won’t find most of the applications you’ve used before. It is possible to find applications with the same features and pay some money to purchase them.

macos and windows

Both Apple and Microsoft are trying to do their best and simplify things for you. In the end, it all depends on everyone’s tastes and the goals they want to achieve when they buy a computer.

Mac and Windows have their own advantages and disadvantages and you are the only one who decides what to buy.