How i batch cropped all my website images on my mac

How I Batch Cropped all my Website Images on my Mac

I think one of the best decisions I made was opening a website based on all the wallpapers I made from photos I took. Bringing this idea to life was a real struggle, but at the end of the day, I am sure it was worth the work.

One funny story I have from when we were still learning about how to better make this work is when we had to crop almost ten thousand images in three days. This major problem appeared right before the launch of our website. We worked almost two months on editing the thousands and thousands of images I took throughout the years.

Everything was going smoothly, no one encountered any problems, and even the design for the templates was coming out nicely. As we were finishing the editing part we realised we had to resize all the photos. One of my relatives recommended this app specialised in batch resizing images. The app also had an editing side with which you could add different effects or borders to your photos.

We started the process two weeks before the deadline to be sure that we will have everything done in time. We went through all the changes we needed to make, clicked the “End editing” button and waited. The app took two hours to finish resizing our photos. After everything was done, I went to check on the images, expecting everything to be normal. Unfortunately, I found out that every single photo had a black border. We think the app had a glitch and added the border to our images without our knowledge or consent.

Me and my partner spent almost eleven days separately cropping every photo before we realised we had to find another way to get everything done in time. This way I started looking for an app which could batch crop all my images. It was hard to find an app specialised in only cropping, as almost every other apps had an editing side. I did not want any more accidents to happen so the absence of the editing side was a must. After hours and hours of searching, I discovered Image Crop. It was exactly what we needed, an easy to use app which works fast and provides enough features to get the job done.

How i batch cropped all my website images on my mac

To start the process I added all my images by clicking the “Add Images” button which is placed in the top right corner. I had all my photos placed in one folder so I didn’t have to use the “Remove Selected” and the “Remove All” options placed under the “Add Images” button. After that, I used the “Custom Crop” option to customise how much I want to crop. I also noticed the “Auto Crop” option which provides different preset dimensions, but I didn’t use it as I did not have to. 

One of the features which I didn’t find in the other apps was the possibility to see every image without leaving the app. I could also see the original dimensions and the output dimensions which were placed in the left side at all times.

After I was pleased with the changes, I only had to move to the Output section and choose the name of the images and the folder where the images will be placed. To end the process I just clicked the “Crop Images” button and in a few minutes all my photos were done and ready to be used.