How to send a gif on snapchat

How to Send a GIF on Snapchat

After almost seven years of activity, Snapchat remains one of the most original multimedia messaging apps. The app had its initial release in September 2011, and from then on it continued to surprise its users. From just a simple messaging app, Snapchat grew to be a social-media app with a total of 187 million daily active users. What makes Snapchat so special is its main concept, which consists of the 24 hour lasting photos and messages. Starting with only the option of sending ten seconds lasting videos or images, the app now provides many different fun features which drew in more and more people. The Snapchat community keeps on growing and it’s all thanks to the chat’s intriguing options.

One of the most original features presented by Snapchat is the “Friend Emojis”. A friend emoji is an emoji which appears next to one of your contacts after having multiple conversations with that person. This way, the app forms a ranking system to help you keep track of your online relationships formed inside the app. The contacts can go from “Super BFF” to “Mutual BFs”. There is also a different emoji which might appear. It is called “Snapstreak!” and it appears after you have been talking with a person for more than three days in a row. After those three days, Snapchat is going to count every day, and the number of days will appear next to the emoji. Some other emojis might appear: the hourglass appears when the snapstreak is in danger of being lost, and the birthday cake appears next to the name of one of your friends when it’s their birthday.

Another fun feature added to the app is “Bitmoji”. A bitmoji is an avatar which resembles a human and which can be customized to better fit your liking. To change the appearance of your bitmoji you will have to use the Bitmoji app. However, you can also change the outfit of your bitmoji from inside the Snapchat app too. You can also choose a selfie using your avatar. This selfie will appear as your contact picture and it will be seen by other users. Your bitmoji can also be used as stickers inside the conversation or when updating your Story.

Maybe one of the most known features provided by Snapchat is the Story, which consists of an image or a video which will be deleted after 24 hours. It may sound a little boring, but with the increasing number of users, the way a Story is made took a major turn. With every Story you can now add a touch of originality by using one of the constant changing effects or by adding a text or a drawing. You can also add your bitmoji to the image, or one of the provided stickers and GIFs. Snapchat provides two types of effects. There are the ones which can be applied after the photo is taken, but the ones which represent the Snapchat signature touch, are the ones which can be applied when taking the photo. The most used ones are those which can change your appearance by adding funny ears or by changing your voice. To add this kind of filters all you have to do is tap the screen when taking a photo. They will appear in the bottom section of the screen. The effects of the taken photo can be applied by making a sliding movement on your screen. To record a video, all you have to do is press and hold the middle button placed in the bottom section of the opening screen.

These Stories can also be sent as messages. To do so you will have to press the blue arrow which will appear after making your story. After pressing the arrow you will see a list which contains all your added friends appear. You can send the story just by choosing one of the contacts and then pressing the blue arrow once again. The story can be sent to as many contacts as you like.

All of your chats can be found by pressing the chat bubble shaped button placed next to the big circle button used to shoot your Stories. The chat structure is also an original one in comparison to other similar apps. For example, the messages you send will be deleted after exiting the chat, if they are not saved. To save them all you have to do is tap on the message. You can send stickers and bitmojis, you can also make a voice call or a video call.

Another fun thing you can send to make the conversation more interesting is a GIF. They are amazing at raising the mood of a chat, and they have such a large area of usage that they can be used in almost any situation. To send a GIF inside a chat all you have to do is press the gallery button placed in the bottom left corner of the chat. After that, a list of your images from your camera roll will appear and this way you will be able to choose your desired GIF. Even though the app lets you send GIFs, they will not be animated.

A really distinctive quality of Snapchat is its originality which should also describe your conversation. Maintaining an original chat is not too hard when you can add unique GIFs to it. Nothing compares to a customized GIF. However, making a GIF from scratch can be a challenging process, and can take too much time and effort. Luckily, by using Video GIF Creator you can make your own GIF in just a few minutes on your Mac. With this app you can create the wanted GIF from any image or video, you can edit it to your liking, and you can save it in a few seconds.