macbook air 2022

The MacBook Air 2022 has been revealed

Apple’s upcoming MacBook Air redesign, due in 2022, will be the most major design change to the MacBook Air since 2010, when both 11-inch and 13-inch variants were released.

The wedge-shaped design of the MacBook Air is being phased out, and the next model will not have a tapered look. Apple will go for a more MacBook Pro-like design with a complete design, rather than the current MacBook Air models, which are thicker at the back and taper to a slimmer design at the front.

The MacBook Air is 11.3 mm thick and weighs 2.7 pounds, making it slightly slimmer than the previous-generation MacBook Air. At 11.97 inches wide and 8.46 inches tall, it’s about the same size as the previous-generation device.

A superior audio system, a 1080p camera with greater low-light performance, and MagSafe charging are among the other features. There’s also support for quick charging.

The new MacBook Air 2022 comes with a better 1080p camera that is a pleasant boost, as well as double the low-light performance. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a MacBook Pro to obtain a better webcam. You could also use your iPhone as a webcam with the new Continuity Camera feature, which was also shown off at WWDC.

According to most speculations, Apple is coming out with a new “M2” processor for the MacBook Air. The M2 processor won’t be as strong as the M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs seen in the 2021 MacBook Pro versions, but it will be a more advanced version of the M1 CPU.

The MacBook Air with a M2 processor begins at $1,199 for the model with an 8-core CPU, an 8-core GPU, and a 256GB SSD, and goes up to $1,499 for the one with an 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU, and a 512GB SSD. The M1 MacBook Air is still available for $999 from Apple.