logitech racing wheel

With macOS Ventura, you can now race on your Mac

As of the release of macOS Ventura, users may finally use their Logitech and other third-party racing wheels with their Macs.

Furthermore, Apple claims that macOS Ventura, iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and tvOS 16 are compatible with a multitude of other Bluetooth and USB game controllers.

Macs are now running macOS Ventura, which was released at WWDC 2022. Mac OS X Ventura is a major upgrade that brings about a new way of multitasking, updates to many different apps, and new features all over the operating system.

Mac OS Ventura continues Apple’s recent practice of naming major releases in addition to releasing version numbers. Named after a location or place in California, as has become customary since the 2013 debut of the Mavericks.

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However, it’s likely that Mac compatibility hasn’t been a priority because gaming on Mac isn’t very common, despite the fact that these racing wheels are quite popular with sim racers due to their significantly higher degree of immersion relative to using a gamepad for driving videogames.

Apple hopes to rectify this with the release of macOS Ventura, which includes a number of powerful new capabilities, the most notable of which is MetalFX Upscaling, which boosts the computer’s ability to generate and display graphics. Other features include instantaneous access to resources, among others. All of this should make it easier to take advantage of Apple’s silicon, and as Mac gaming matures, consumers will come to rely more and more on high-quality wheels like Logitech’s G920 and G29.

If you want to be as competitive as Lewis Hamilton or Dale Earnhardt Jr. on your computer, the best thing you can do is to invest some time and effort into developing your driving skills. A high-quality racing wheel attached to your desk will increase your sense of immersion in racing video games.

In fact, later this year, macOS will get some excellent racing games that are greatly improved by the use of a wheel rather than a joystick.