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A newer, more powerful Mac Mini could be on the horizon

Around a year and a half has passed since Apple first released two Mac mini versions powered by the M1 chip. The base model of the Mac mini costs $699/£699 and has the same CPU and graphics upgrade choices as the higher-priced MacBook and iMac models. The Mac mini is my favorite M1 Mac because it combines excellent performance and affordability.

With the release of the M2 MacBook Air and M2 MacBook Pro, Apple’s focus has shifted to the Mac mini, which was overlooked during the previous round of updates.

The M2 Pro chip, which is expected to be released soon, has been mentioned as a possible upgrade for the Mac Mini, which has been the subject of much speculation.

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Apple is getting ready to release the M2 Mac Mini and the M2 Pro Mac Mini, which we presume would be called the Mac Mini Pro. The classic boxy form factor of the mini PC will be retained as well.

In 2020 at the company’s “One More Thing” event, Apple debuted the M1 chip in the Mac mini, MacBook Air, and 13-inch MacBook Pro. What happens to the Mac mini, now that two of those Macs have M2 chips? Two years after the release of the M1 Mac mini, the release of the M2 Mac mini in the fall of 2022 seems not only likely, but also necessary.

Details about the Mac mini M2’s Functions and Features

It is expected that the Mac mini will receive the same M2 processor as the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro of 2022.

  • 8-core CPU, split between 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores.
  • Graphics Processing Unit: GPU with 8 or 10 Cores.
  • Up to 24GB Unified Memory.

When compared to Apple’s own Mac Studio, which was released just last year, the M2 Pro Mini would be in direct competition. Apple traditionally has its fall event in October or November, and there have been rumors that the company would reveal the M2 Pro Mac Mini at this time. It’s expected that Apple will release updated versions of the iPad Pro 11-inch and the MacBook Pro 14- and 16-inches, both of which will be powered by M2 CPUs.