Pdf2photo – convert pdf to jpg

How to Convert PDF Files to JPG, JPEG or PNG on Mac OS X

PDF files are a great way to preserve graphic content online. They offer amazing protection against any possible damage. Even though they represent a great solution for this one problem, their complex format can be an issue when having to convert them to different image formats such as JPG, JPEG or PNG. This kind of process can be challenging for anyone. Luckily, with PDF2Photo you can batch convert your PDF files to images without any effort.

Batch Convert PDF Files to Images with PDF2Photo

As the first step all you have to do is click on the “Add PDF(s)” button placed in the top side. After selecting the desired files they will appear in the list and you can click on any of them to preview their content. Next to the “Add PDF(s)” button you will find two other buttons which will help you remove files from the list.

The app provides four sections with options that allow you to edit the image files. The Image Format section helps you choose the desired image format and you can also customize the quality of the images. The Image Size section lets you change the size of the images while the Image DPI Section allows you to change the number of dots per inch of the images. You can also change the images’ print width and print height if you so desire. The editing process ends with the Image Name section which lets you customize the name of the images and lets you choose the output folder.

After you have made all the needed changes all you have to do is click on the “Convert” button placed in the bottom right corner. In a few seconds all your PDF files will be converted to images that you can later post online or on social media.