How to Frame Photos on Mac OS X

When working on a website or as a photographer there will come a time when you will have to frame thousand of images to satisfy the website aesthetic or a specific request from a buyer. The process is not too complicated, but framing every single photo at a time is a lot of work and it takes up a lot of your important time. Luckily, with Image Frame you can easily bach frame all your images in a few minutes.

Batch Frame Photos with Image Frame

The first step consists of adding all the desired images. You can do so by clicking on the “Add Images” button placed in the top left corner. The images will appear next to it and by clicking on them you can preview every image to make sure the right ones are added and that every change is the one you want.

Under the “Add Images” button you will find two other buttons. The “Remove Selected” button helps you remove any image you don’t need while the “Remove All” button removes all the added images.

On the right side you will find three sections which will help you in the process of framing your images. The first section is called “Effects” and provides seven different effects with which you can add a spark of color to your images.

The “Frame” section provides the main features needed in the process. With this option you can add any frame you like. With the “Simple Frame” feature you can customize the color, size and the curvature of the frame. With the “Artistic Frame” feature you can choose one of the many premade frames provided.

The “Output” section is the last one provided by the app. Here you can make the last changes like resizing and renaming the images. You can also choose the format of the images and the output folder in which the photos will be placed.

To finish the process all you have to do is click on the “Process Images” button placed in the bottom right corner. After that, in a few seconds all your images will be framed and placed accordingly.