Duplicate file doctor – find and remove duplicate files

How to Remove Duplicate Files on Mac OS X

After finishing a ton of work on your computer many duplicate files will pile up occupying precious space on your hard drive. To delete all of them is a very time consuming process. Luckily, with Duplicate File Doctor all that hard work will no longer be necessary.

Remove Duplicate Files with Duplicate File Doctor

Firstly, all you have to do is click on the “Add Folder(s)” button placed in the top right corner. You can choose as many different folders as you want. Right under the “Add Folder(s)” button you will find two other buttons which allow you to remove the selected folder or clear the entire folder list if needed.

In the middle section you will find two options which allow you to customize the search by choosing the minimum file size and the maximum file size. In the bottom section you will find some more options which can help you further optimize the search for duplicate files. The app lets you choose between scanning all file types or customizing the file types that will be included in the search. Another very useful option offered by this app lets you choose between moving duplicate files to the trash or removing them permanently. The app also gives an option to ignore bundles and packages.

After customizing the search to your liking all you have to do is click on the “Find Duplicate Files” button. Right after that a new window will open which shows the found duplicate files and you will be given the option to choose which ones will be deleted. When clicking on a file you will see all the folders in which the file can be found. You can choose which files to keep by selecting one of the options from the bottom left corner of the window. You can also apply the chosen option to all the duplicate files.

The last step consists of clicking the “Clean” button placed in the bottom right corner. In a few seconds all the chosen duplicate files will be deleted.